Information and educational institution «New Eurasia»

“New Eurasia”actively promotes constitutional capacities of the Association of business education, the implementation of activities of the association for the development of business education in the Republic of Belarus, provides financial support to the roundtables, policy and research and educational sessions, takes part in scientific conferences and other major events of the Association.

Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship

It informs about the development of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus and the cooperation with foreign businessmen, takes part in the activities of the Association of Business Education, makes preparations to joining the Association of the Republican confederation.

Republican Union of Employers «BelSN»

It participates in the activities of the Association of Business Education, attracts qualified managers and specialists of state and commercial organizations to develop educational standards and professional qualifications of specialists, organizes educational process, assists in working on thesis on topics related to the real needs of the business.