The aim of the session is a common practice of business education and the expansion of the number of participants in the activities of the Association.

The session was held in the framework of the project "Improving the administrative capacity of the Association of Business Education in the development of business education" being a part of the project "Improving of joint initiatives." The project is implemented with the support of "Eurasia" by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The program of scientific and educational session


Registration for the session.

11.00 - 11.10


11.10 - 11.20



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11.55 - 12.15





Welcome address by the President of the Association of Business Education.

VV. Apanasovich, director of the SBMT BSU.


Greetings of the moderator of scientific and educational session. Discussion of the regulations and format of work.

E.A.Poddubskaya, head of the program "Human Resource Management" SBMT BSU.


About the practice of the organization authorized business training and admission of international exams,

V.K.Dyubkov, Rector of the Institute of IT and business management.


Studying the possibility of the formation of cluster structures in business education,

Lee Jong Koo, head of the Department of Management Grodno State University.


Best practice in supplementary adult education at the Business School of Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin,

A.R.Lavrinenko, dean of financial and economic department of the Polotsk State University.


The plans of the Association of Business Education.

E.G. Shevtsov, Executive Director of the Association of Business Education.

















Problems of theses on research topics of the specialization 1-26 81 01 «Business Administration».

LK. Klimovich, a professor of the Department of World and National Economy, Deputy. Head. Chair, Associate Professor of the Belarusian Trade and Economic University of Consumer Cooperatives.

The exchange of experience on the formation of curricula of "Business Administration speciality,

T.F. Balashov, Associate Professor, S.I. Kuz'micheva Senior Lecturer Mogilev State University. Named after AA Kuleshov.


The integration of business education in Belarus and Lithuania,

EV. Budova Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Management and economics of the Polotsk State University.


The use of game methods of training in business education (for example, teaching the discipline "Organization and Technology Trade»).

VV Kvasnikova, assistant professor of business department of Vitebsk State Technological University.


Development of a startup movement in the Polesie State University.

IM. Zborina, associate professor of Polesie State University,

P. Burik, 4th year student.


Coffee break.


Workshop on "Experience in the use of e-learning technologies at SBMT BSU».

EV. Makovskaya, head of the Center of Distance Education and Information Technology SBMT BSU,

OG. Poklonskaya, Software Engineer.


Summary. Reflection of the process and the results of the session. EA Poddubsky moderator of the scientific and educational session.


Scientific and educational session was held in an intensive mode. On the one hand, it was important to respect the deadline and time limit of speakers and recreation. On the other – active participants` interaction showed great interest in the reports stated and asked a large number of clarifying questions.

Prior to the session moderator EA Poddubsky informed about the place of the event in the overall project system, about sponsors and donors, thanks to their support that this session was made possible, about the program, the regulations and rules of work and gave welcoming remarks to the Chairman of the "Association of Business Education" V.V. Apanasovich. The Chairman thanked for the interest and active position of gathered representatives from member organizations of the association, spoke about the targets and priorities of the "Association of Business Education" at the current moment and wished productive work.

During the session, the following reports were the most actual for the representatives of business comunity:

  • «About the practice of the organization authorized business training and admission of international exams" (VK Dyubko);
  • «Investigation of possibilities of formation cluster structures in business education" (Lee Jong Koo);
  • «Best Practices in supplementary adult education at Business School of Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin "(AR Lavrinenko);
  • «Integration of business education in Belarus and Lithuania" (EV Budova).

Also, a big positive resonance received a workshop on "Experience of using e-learning technologies at SBMT BSU," which was held by EV Makovskaya and OG Poklonskaya.

At the end of the session the moderator organized feedback by means of constructive method "to complete the sentence:" For me the most important thing today was ... ". Each participant had the opportunity to share their assessments of the quality of the organization and conduct of the entire scientific and educational session as well as their own increments and own wishes.

Among the suggestions and recommendations of the participants for the future, promising and interesting for discussion, participants noted the following themes and issues:

  • problems of business education and solutions in the context of the cluster approach;
  • Business System of Education and the Bologna Process: the way of integration;
  • progressive experience in the development of business education in the countries of near and far abroad;
  • technology of preparation and methods of implementation of e-learning in business education.

At the same time, almost unanimously, participants expressed their requests for invitations to the meeting heads of well-organized business schools, as well as internships, visits to these institutions to exchange experiences (for example, a business school of the Ural Federal University named after the first President Russia Boris Yeltsin, or any other).

All the participants unanimously praised the high level of preparation and holding of the event and thanked all the project coordinators, sponsors and donors of the project, all participants of the session, personally visitors from Kazakhstan and K. J. Berlibekovnu Zhabykovnu, the authors of the workshop E. Makowskaya and OG Poklonsky, the moderator E.A. Poddubskaya and the organizer EI Lugovtsova.