The project is a part of the program "Improving joint initiatives" and is implemented with the support of "Eurasia Foundation" by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The dates of the project: 16.03.2015 - 29.02.2016

The aim of the project is to improve the financial, structural and regulatory stability of the Association of Business Education.

In the framework of the Association of Business Education the following activities are implemented:

  1. Researching on the topic: "Business Education in the Republic of Belarus and the prospects of its development, taking into account international standards of organization the training" to identify relevant issues in the field of business education and solutions.
  2. Holding two strategic sessions of the General Meeting of the Association of Business Education to develop a set of conceptual provisions of the organization's activities and to ensure effective coordination of activities of the Association members, as well as to develop a strategy for improving its financial stability.
  3. Organization and carrying out scientific and educational session for the dissemination practices of business education and expand the number of participants in the activities of the Association.
  4. Design the web-site of the Association for the dissemination of information on business formation and operation of the Association.
  5. Organization and carrying out a series of trainings on the topics of modeling and control of project activities and preparation of project applications to improve the quality of project management and to ensure the financing of projects in the field of business education.
  6. Organize a study visit to the Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA, Latvia) for the exchange of experience and development of the Association of Business Education.
  7. Implementation of the working visits of the members of the Board of the organization-members of the Association of Business Education to ensure the coordination and effectiveness of joint activities.
  8. A round table to discuss the results of the survey and other relevant academic and practical problems of business education.